Naruto 685 Manga - I doubt that Sasuke will take too much time, he will be back sooner than expected, if the next chapter has a SasuSaku moment, it might only last 5-6 panels, before Sasuke rejoins Naruto in the fight for survival, I get the feeling that things are about to get more interesting with the Hokage situation as well. but as for the next moment, I am not expecting too much, just Sasuke bringing Sakura to Kakashi and heading off to fight Kaguya, before making a promise to Sakura.

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Even tho im a Madara fan i still like to see him getting into fight than just standing in one place and roling his eye around lol Nothing to complain but I just have a feel that Madara would have been better off with normal body than being a Sage. If he had normal body we coulda seen his full susano vs Gai. To me Being Sage is useless. We hardly seen the power of sage. Even when Obito fought the alliance force he hardly used special moves than using those black orbs. I wanna see more jutsu's and the real power of Rinnegan.

If the night elephant can punch a hole deep into the ground. What would Gai's other moves like Leaf Whirlwind, Leaf Hurricane, or Leaf Rising Wind(assuming Lee learned it from him) do? Since Gai already walked on air like Cp9 and Sanji(He also had a flaming Kick like Sanji but i think Gai did that first) in One piece, i wonder if the rest of his moves will have effects like theirs...Who knows maybe we'll see Gai kick a mountain in half with a massive flying shock-wave.